Thanks so much for being here. I'm Stacey Caron, and Undercurrent is a line of handmade, symbolic jewelry brought to life in my East Nashville studio.

I'm inspired by, and a student of, the cycles and seasons that we experience, both internally and externally. ​When we take our cues from the natural world, and from the way our own energy expands and contracts, we connect to a beautiful flow.

There is more space for alignment, for ritual, and for wonder.

 There is a time to ground, to rest. A time to take flight and grow. A time to celebrate our path, or the arrival of something special in our life. Undercurrent is jewelry that supports it all.

 Many of the pieces in the collection carry meaning, and are symbolic of the way that I experience certain states of being.  They are meant to support you on your journey and to help you cultivate a certain energy.

I hope that you feel a shift when you wear Undercurrent pieces, and that you build a collection that helps you tap into different intentions and aspects of yourself, and helps you celebrate whatever season you find yourself in. 

Each piece is crafted or cast by hand, and made slowly with care. The ability to do this type of work is a huge privilege, and my intention is to create a container for connection, beauty and generosity while making a positive impact on the world around me. Thank you for supporting this mission!

I'd love to connect. E-mail me anytime at stacey@undercurrent-studio.com